Wed, February 19, 2020

5 Attributes Of Happy Employees

Happy employees are the core power that contributes to the making of “Inspiring Workplaces”. An employee’s positivity towards work and its setting constantly improves productivity at the workplaces, elevating the chances of success attainment. Psychological studies reveal that happy employees have a tendency to spread the happiness factor, and fulfill the need for attribution and social support amongst the work group. It is also proven that they exhibit a better physical and mental health, which makes them regular at work and open up to creativity at every step.

Happy employees = Happy customers


With happy employees, you business is closer to success.

But, how do you spot the happy employees?

Happy employees are like the tree branches; they constantly grow and strengthen the base. They stand out as the support system of the workplace.

5. They get into multiple task handling


Happy employees strive for growth. Their growth path is multi-directional, letting them look into every ‘task’ as an ‘opportunity’An opportunity to learn. Their enthusiastic and positive outlook lets them take up every opportunity, to explore the success path. They constantly weigh their strength vs. weakness and outweigh the weakness with improvement in every next step.

The happy employee of your workplace might be

1) The one constantly reaching out to different people to click prospects

2) The one who catches up work conversations wherever possible

3) The one who is always volunteering for task irrespective of its on-site or off-site nature

4. They believe in team power for betterment


Happy employees believe in team work. They are amiable and get into team tasks easily, without the need of a direction from the management. Their urge to collaborate with people of varied expertise makes them a desirable team-member, who has a high chance of turning the ‘participation’ into ‘success’. They look at people as embodiment of diverse strengths, that make them see beyond external effects such as disagreements, arguments etc. They usually ensure that the team is smoothly functioning. 

Happy employee of your workplace could be

1) The one who every member discusses with

2) The one who organizes team events to boost the spirit

3) The one who constantly entertains the team with good humour

3. They are open to career enhancement


Happy employees are constant learners. They keep looking at the step forward and get into every new activity. These activities go beyond the work tasks, to workshops and career improvement courses that open new doors to skill acquirement. As much as their growth is multi-directional, it seeks a guide to the route or a direction that could add significance to their professional journey. These employees are surprisingly willing to attempt time management, trying to seek balance in their ‘task vs. learning’ schedule.

Happy employee of your workplace could be

1) The one who is willing to dedicate extra hours for the new learning-programs

2) The one who is an instant participant in every new workshop event

3) The one who suggests trend implementation ideas to the team

2. They get inspired by the success of the others


Happy employees see the bright side. The success of their fellow employees reaches them as an inspirational lesson rather than an enviable event. They rejoice the goal attainment of the people around them and interact with them to get the picture of the inspirational side. These people are surprisingly happy to congratulate and express a better positive vision that helps them grow through selective perception of events. They selectively take the positive parts such as inspiration while excluding the negative parts such as envy, criticism etc.

Happy employee of your workplace could be

1) The one who recognizes the strengths of others and talks about it

2) The one who throws a success party for another

3) The one who turns a deaf ear to gossip

1. They have an optimum work-life balance


The ultimate attribute of happy employees is that they have a healthy work-life balance. An ideal happy employee knows to smartly balance the “the work life” and “the personal life”, and appreciates both equally. This work group aims in an equilibrium state of life where neither the work, nor the life, is given up for the other. They are smart organizers who give a genuine workable schedule to themselves, and recharge their energy with a rich personal time. They are often involved in self-nurture, making them equally spirited for both side of the coin.

 The ideal happy employee of your workplace could be

1) The one who knows his work limit and plans well ahead of deadlines

2) The one who chooses a de-stress trip over distress

3) The one who makes time for the family

Do your employees express these attributes?

If yes, congrats! Your workplace is qualified as an inspiring workplace!

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