Thu, August 13, 2020


“The best boss” is not a myth. They are out there, somewhere amidst the workplace-crowded cities, humbly heading a small team or a large organization without stepping into spotlight. They are everyone’s dream leader to be mentored under, who are cherished, celebrated and remembered amongst none other than their own team, for the exceptionally unique qualities they possess.

In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, where the work patterns became topsy-turvy and predominantly uncertain, the qualities of “the best boss” are tested. The stress of the situation has put every leader in sixes and sevens pertaining to everything around work productivity, employee-sensitivity and more. This is the time when the true leaders outshine the rest and become known as the “favourite” of their employees and business network.

But, who are they?

They are the unskaken leaders with the Top 5 qualities:

1. He / She will TRUST the employees working from home

“Work from Home” has just entered the urban dictionary. This previously unnoticed working pattern has got a sudden welcome from even the largest companies across the globe, in response to COVID-19 spread. Although it is seen as a mere shift of the work location, it is realised that the ambience of office and home environment are far set. With employees struggling to find their psychological work-productivity balance on one side, certain “bosses” gave a counter-effect of mistrust in the employees’ commitment. But a “best boss” would prove it otherwise.

The true leaders trust the commitment of the employees and give them the space to adapt to the new working pattern.

“Leaders believe in their team, just as the team believes in them.”


2. He / She will NOT take advantage of the work pattern

The new work patterns have blurred the boundaries of working hours, at least for some “bosses” out there. The potential lack of trust in the commitment of team, when coupled with the leverage of extra work hours, makes some of them get overboard with the workload on these employees. It is often missed that additional workload and tensed work situation only brings down the productivity of an individual. Given the emotional fluctuations brought by the global crisis, some employees are even made to see themselves at the stake of losing their job, where they are forced to choose between overworking and unemployment.


True leaders understand the capacity of the employees and constantly do their part in bringing the best out of them.

“Leaders understand their employees more than the employees themselves.”


3. He / She will GIVE financial & emotional aid to the employees

The power of support during tough times is often underestimated. Amidst government advisory on salary deductions, job stability etc. the employment situation is still uncertain at many parts of the world. This is when the leaders step in, to do their part in supporting the employees and encouraging them in the collective work towards upbringing of the company’s growth. Although not completely possible on financial grounds, the leaders in prominent positions in the companies would never fail to maintain the emotional connect with the employees. After all, it is the company these employees have grown with, across the years.

True leaders ensure the maximum adherence to the promised salary packages and communicate information with clarity & transparency, in case of any complexities.

“Leaders are the human representation of the company, who the employees can rely on.”


4. He / She will effectively utilize or update the online resources

Spontaneity is the only thing that drives the current global scenario. The trends have capsized and it is almost evident that digital is the way forward. The social distancing norms have distanced the physical world from many jobs, making the alternate resources gain high popularity. A leader, being the mastermind of the team, would take charge and direct the team towards the new processes and patterns involved. Along with measuring the effectiveness of the new ideas, a leader will encourage the team incessantly, to make things work.

True leaders open up to the ideas from the team, measure their adaptability to the new trials and take forward the most welcomed action.

“Leaders are the mastermind of the team.”


5. He / She will work towards ensuring the safety of the workplace

If the lockdown persists on one side, the curfews are slowly lifted on the other side, raising the question of safety at workplaces. Though the market is currently loaded with a range of COVID-19 precautions, the special precautions pertaining to the specific work nature are to be noted. A good leader takes time in promising the safety at work for all the employees, so that their families could stay at home without anxiety. Many such leaders across the business world have readily spent big sums for employee wellness with dedicated transport facilities, checking kiosks at the entry and many other workplace-specific safety measures.

A true leader doesn’t think twice on making the safest (and not the easiest) option for their employees.

“Leaders know what is right and what is sensible.”


A recent article by Forbes magazine has also summarised the key leadership traits in COVID-19 reported by the psychologists of the world. Check it out here.

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