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Dreams must be affordable by all” – Mr. Mothish Kumar

Leadership is the only position that has a multi-directional progress bringing about – a fission of successMr. Mothish Kumar is a leader with such a multi-faceted approach towards progress, who believes in the role of everything from philosophies to client-bound practice in the making of success. His establishment of holistic success with StepStone group of companies is a proof of his diverse expertise and unconventional ideas that made him a Director of the reputed company, who is also a Property Coach, Youtube personality, Book Author and much more.

His vision goes beyond the conventional practice of real estate sector, with a special focus in bringing affordable homes, retirement communities etc., where his projects become solutions to the societal issues.


“My first salary was 300 Rupees…”

Mr. Mothish Kumar’s story of success has an unbelievable metamorphosis to his credit. Being a modest leader, he was unhesitant in sharing that his future into business was inspired by the small shops (hardware shops at one time, clock distribution shops at another), where he worked part-time in his academic years. Back then, his aspiration to abroad settlement was driven by his curiosity to know how the global business works. He also shares that being a college topper, he had an easy path before him, with a job offer from a reputed company. But instead, he chose the beaten path – the exploration into the business world. “That’s where my perspective changed” he shares.

As a Civil engineering graduate with strong subject knowledge, he started his own company with a mere 6-member team that has now grown to an overwhelming 140+ under the proud name StepStone Promoters Pvt. Ltd. Right from inception, they have their focus on affordable homes, retirement and retreat homes, amongst the 85+ residential, commercial and industrial projects that have been successfully completed by them. Hailing from Vellore, he has grown to be honoured under Quality Real Estate Development Services in Chennai, in a short span.

His life story can enkindle inspiration in every aspiring entrepreneur.


“I look beyond business growth…”

Our inspiring leader captivates the spark of inspiration with his unique vision that is inclined not towards ‘quantity’ of the projects, but the ‘quality’ of the projects. He shares that his aim is to build affordable homes where people wouldn’t have to compromise on luxury. As a sensible leader, he intends to “solve” the social constraints on real estate development with sheer conscientiousness.

He has taken his aid forward with his renowned book “REALITY OF REAL ESTATE” that serves like a handbook for people purchasing their first home. As a property coach, he has built a successful platform in YouTube to educate the common population and guide them along their dream-home purchase.

Honoured with the Most Enterprising CEO and Young Entrepreneur in Construction Industry 2017 Awards, Mr. Mothish Kumar is on a mission to revolutionise the “reality” in the “real estate”, just as in the title of his book.

Being the honourable member of Elite Rotary ClubBuilders Association of India, CREDAI, CII and other prestigious organizations, our inspiring leader utilizes the value of the leadership position in fulfilling the dreams of many middle-class families, 1800+ of which are delighted to be his happy customers as on date.


“Cheating Builders are a myth…”

Amidst being an inspiring leader with a name of his own in the industry, Mr. Mothish Kumar considers it his responsibility to burst the real estate myths. That being his primary focus, his leadership philosophy revolves around Trust, Value and Ethics. He looks forward to instill the TRUST factor in his client and strives to bring the VALUE for the money for his majorly Middle-Income-Group customers by serving their purpose with honesty, integrity and professional ETHICS.

As a person who delivers happiness to the elderly people in retirement communities, he believes that care for both the clients and the team is a leader’s responsibility. He understands the customers’ needs and makes his best efforts in keeping them informed, one of those being his YouTube channel Mothish Kumar Property Coach with 6500+ curious followers. His channel is an informative platform where he guides his customers and resolves their common queries with property purchase.

He extends the same care to his company by inculcating system-connectivity across the hierarchical levels that makes him open to connect, for every employee. His belief in knowledge-sharing with the team, undoubtedly makes him the favourite boss of his employees.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers = Happy Company is his success mantra

Yet another surprising part of our leader’s vision is his unbiased approach towards his team.

“Our workstation a drop box called ‘Idea Box’ to welcome ideas from everyone across drivers till the higher officials” he shares. He calls it an open invite for ideas across construction to administration and happily shares that he seizes the right opportunity to give felicitation to the best ideas in business forums and company gatherings.


“I’m always trying…”

A life of a leader ain’t easy. In a straightforward statement, Mr. Mothish Kumar shares that he is always trying to get better at it. “Work-life balance is the tough part and I’m always working on it. After all, a man’s life is a reflection of self-care induced by quality time with family” he unveils.


“My advice to entrepreneurs would be…”

Setting aside the professional discussions, our inspiring leader concludes with an advice for all first-time business owners and young entrepreneurs to think about, before cycling back their earnings to further business investment. He advices – “Try to save 10-15% of the earnings of every month for Real Estate investment. Statistics has that the wealthiest businessmen across the globe, almost 20% in the world’s NRIs, CEOs etc. became multi-millionaires with passive income sources brought by rental models. This way, the future is sure to be secure.”

Being a leader who is humble to throw ideas and valuable insights to anyone he has a conversation with, Mr. Mothish Kumar is a proud feature on Inspiring Workplaces.

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