Fri, June 12, 2020

“Leadership is the power of empowering others” – Mr. Sudhir Bhujbal

Bosch, one of the most competitive companies of the current times, started its reign over the market in Chennai with Mr. Sudhir Bhujbal, whose peculiar perception was the terminus a quo of the company’s successful journey in the city. His intelligibility in actions spoke of success in every direction.

He believes that “Leadership is not a position, it is an action”An action that is capable of influencing the action of everyone around. Such revolutionary ideologies of our inspiring leader became one of the key reasons behind the immense success of the company.

But, there is more.

In addition to the unparalleled leadership qualities, Mr. Sudhir Bhujbal is known for his clarity in vision and spontaneity in action. He speaks his heart out in everything across business and doesn’t let the young entrepreneurs miss the intriguing insights from the field.


Paving the Road To Success

If BOSCH India expanded to Chennai to become one of the most renowned companies, it was because of a decision taken by Mr. Sudhir Bhujbal, years ago. He shifted his professional journey from Nashik, Maharashtra to Chennai, where he has now been able to touch the peak of performance and exploration in the field. He has been the mastermind behind the visualization of the company’s vision, mission and values that stand as their hallmark till date. With a mind overflowing with energy, he shares that he looks forward to “make the Chennai plant of BOSCH, the best in Tamil Nadu”.

His constantly dynamic thoughts and ‘lookout for the new’ made him successfully carry forward the makeover of infrastructure at BOSCH, where new facilities and improved working conditions were introduced.


Giving A New Definition To Business Leadership

Our inspiring leader Mr. Sudhir believes that leadership in business is a constant cycle that involves collaboration and co-creation. He has joined hands with various interdisciplinary experts in creation of a better work environment, across workplace design etc. His interest in the details across every area of development has made him consider certain attributes of high regard, during such collaborations.

He shares that “readiness to become a business partner, on-time delivery and creativity” are the 3 defining qualities of vendors. He also brings it to a note that long-term partnership, uncompromised quality along with cost-efficiency, can make any vendor his immediate first choice.

Along with the vendors, he has a message for the leaders of tomorrow:

“My piece of advice for someone new to a leadership position – Never let the inherent leadership abilities get influenced. They are always unique. Take up simplicity and walk by your talk, success will definitely be yours.


Empowering the Employees

As a believer of the statement that great ideas come from the base of the company, Mr. Sudhir has always had a special regard for his team. He constantly brings up initiatives aimed at involving and engaging the team, only to capture the innovative ideas flowing from them. He also believes that keeping them informed is primary. Being the responsible head, he identifies the people who contribute to the company significantly and tirelessly, and helps them climb the next level of the professional hierarchy with a promotion.

The employees recognize Mr. Sudhir as “The leader who demonstrates and lives his value.”


The Life of A Leader

Our leader is known to live a complex life in the simplest form. He strives to seek excellence in both work and life, where he owes his journey to both his family and the vivid culture that the work exposes him to. He has grown his liking for the culture of Tamilnadu that he has been new to, and intends to explore more. He shares that he has been inspired by the culture and the Tamil language being the oldest language in the world.

We can always catch him listening to the interesting insights from the interviews of Mr. Soumitra Bhattacharya, The president of BOSCH India, or reading his favourite book “The Three Box Solution” by Vijay Govindarajan. At leisure, he is always seen indulging in music, particularly, solo Hindi/Tamil music compositions.

Our person of inspiration is seen to be passionate for making new friends and networking, for a rich exchange of thoughts. He is so indulgent that he is often seen playing cricket with friends & colleagues, bringing his son along. He is a person who makes leadership sound joyful.

Startling, isn’t it?

Mr. Sudhir Bhujbal is surely a leader who strikes us with surprise. We could all look forward to leaders like him in setting new standards to leadership in 2020.