Wed, February 19, 2020

Success is just a WORKPLACE BALANCE away–Mr. Shankar Ganesh

Mr. Shankar Ganesh has been the secret of success in MOA Engineering Pvt. Ltd whose simultaneous presence of a youthful vision and an experienced hand has paved way for a wide business reach expanding across Korea, Europe, America, Japan, China and other successful countries. Achieving the right balance across every business attribute, he has gone beyond being a leader, to being an inspiring person, whose simplest formulation of the words of wisdom enlightens every individual.

1.The Leader’s Definition of Development

Growth for ALL

If development refers to progress at work, our inspiring leader takes it to the next level with progress at the workplace, which is cloaked behind all the work success. When the rest of the world focused only on business success, our leader focused on the company’s complete success, where he achieved a nation-wide expansion for the company, along with the rise of proficient project managers in the team. He has motivated the employees to stand as independent team leaders who could confidently manage the new boundaries of expansion, extending across Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andha Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and more. He believes that the workplace growth directly reflects on the growth at work, bringing the universal growth common to ALL.

“Go Easier, Smarter. Grow Faster, Better.”

2.Balancing Competence and Commitment in Employees

From WORK solutions to WORK place solutions

While an equal share of trust and proficiency is desired from the employee base, our leader puts forth the practical part that people could possess only one attribute at a time. He expresses his delight in stating that he has been successful in creating a mixed work environment, where both kinds of people – the competent and the committed, have a place. Such a mixed environment has benefited both the company and the employees, by bringing a triumphant blend in the workplace.

As a true leader, he gets delight from the success of team-making.

3.Bridging the Gap between Experienced and the New

Power of Mixed Work Culture

With thoughts as zestful of the generation of today, our inspiring leader yet again brings practicality to limelight, with a statement that there is an expected gap between the experienced and the new, whose degree of difference in gap, fluctuates from time to time.

“Don’t miss the mistakes” he says. Yes, we heard it right. He believes that new employees must be given the liberty to make mistakes – a bandwidth to let them learn and adapt. Such learning encourages them to take charge and “play the role”, ultimately letting them grow.

Our leader takes a step to nurture the growth further, with special programs curated for the core-field aspirants who surpass the IT-driven movement, to step into this specific workplace typology of real-time engineering, with nothing but endless passion. He has been victorious in bringing the complete collection of workplace support, individual learning and overall company growth with such eccentric ideas.

4.Growth Mantra: Mark your Milestones

Coexistence of Dream and Aim

When Dream and Aim are seperated by achievability, our leader suggests that we should fill the gap with milestones that put forth a trackable success rate, which further urges the talent to go a mile ahead. When asked about the current milestone goals on an organisational level, he confidently states numbers – A 30% growth rate bringing a 200-300 crore turnover.

Not missing on his consistent focus on generation gap, he adds that this success aim of the company will accompanied by a strong zest for facing the challenges brought by future advancement in the field.

5.Evolving the Vision along with Time

Tomorrow, the Successor of Today

Our inspiring leader believes in a better tomorrow. He re-iterates the concept of evolution of generations and the professional advancement that accompanies it, with powerful words:

“Play your cards carefully.”

“Gone are the days where only your experience on resume spoke of you. The world is so much more now”, he says.

A conscious thought to the new challenges and experiences along with undying passion lets anyone reach the peak of success, just as per his belief.

Achieve at 40 then. Achieve at 18 now.

Success is in the hands of the card player indeed.

Remember to “Play your cards carefully”.