Sat, April 18, 2020

Creativity Is The Freedom To Do What You Want – Ar.Sidharth Ninan

The architect behind the most happening food spots of Chennai, Ar.Sidharth Ninan, has been bringing the root of creativity right from his practice. His unshaken vision for innovation has made him envision restaurants with the best ambience, right at the heart of the metropolitan cities, which are thoughtfully crafted with his diverse team’s united abilities. He believes that a harmonious blend of creative minds forms the very base of a successful practice in the creative field of Architecture & Design.

His architecture and design firm Sidharth Ninan Architecture (SNA) is an establishment of his design conceptions and strong team-making sense, voicing the design values that are one of a kind.

“Good design is when LESS IS MORE” he states, expressing his belief in the famous ‘Less is more’ quote of the international architectural icon – Mies van der Rohe.

Between Function and Flamboyance

Inspiring with the very core of his ideologies, the architect reassures making the “client’s dream” happen, with every project undertaken. His inherent affinity towards design has helped SNA shape every client’s dream with an astounding aesthetic appeal that has almost redefined luxury dining and lifestyle in the emerging recreational design in India. He believes that one must “feel like they are in a 5-star place” that does justice to their bills. Adding to the rationality, he puts it out that a good design and genuinely affordable cost is the ultimate way to 100% client satisfaction.

“One must feel that there is no need to spend more to a place to look great” he adds.

Designing a space vs. making a brand

Ar.Sidharth Ninan has ruled the recreational design of Chennai and Bangalore cities with his “design and beyond” perception. SNA has focused on paving way for the client’s brand through design, rather than limiting the brand to the current project.

Our inspiring leader’s states his success mantra as

Happy clients = Good design + Value for money

He believes that a good design at an affordable cost gives enough room for the client to expand their business and invest on another branch or outlet, ultimately cycling back to SNA for yet another project. With such a strong play in every client’s branding vision, the architect has added value to the entirety of architectural practice, making his practice truly inspirational.

“Success lies next to calculated risks”

“Rome was not built in one day”. The same will be the case for a successful workplace.

Our inspiring leader shares his inspiring story with the scenario dated 7 years ago, when his office started from the scratch with nothing but calculated risks, which puts the faith on the future of the business. Memorably stating the numbers, he shares that his firm saw its beginning with the initial investment of 5 lakhs for covering rent & salaries and a bunch of complimentary workspace furniture that were promised good designs in return.

He rightly states “without an office a team cannot work”.

That strong vision of Ar.Sidharth Ninan is what had SNA find its way from single-room or a small space design, to a 5-star hotel. As on date, the firm has a five-star hotel project and a multiplex nearing completion.

When asked about the driving force for such a short-term success, our inspiring leader admits that he owes it to his mother’s constant motivation, right from directing him from visual communication course to architecture, till sharing the business insights.

“Being into business herself, my mom made me what I am today” says our proud leader.

The Zero hierarchy workplace

The humble architect owes his success to everyone in his circle – his mom, his client and most importantly, his team.

“It’s not just because of me”, he reiterates.

Unlike many in the industry, he believes in “sharing the credit” with his team and expresses every statement with a “we” in the conversation, which reflects his bond with his team. He has zero hesitation in sharing that he encourages everyone in the team, even the interns, to call him by his name. The inspiring “zero hierarchy” approach is his way of ensuring that “people feel like they are a part of the company”. The transparency in the organizational pattern is so clear that the inspirations run along every level, making SNA, a great place to work.

“That’s how you run a creative team” he says.

Furthermore, our inspiring leader lets everyone become the decision maker for the projects under them and gives them the “freedom” to choose their own way of making those design decisions work. “If the work is worth it, I’m ready to pay even a 15,000 monthly bill for just coffee.” says our leader.

He happily adds that if the team designs well, he wouldn’t think twice in taking them on a vacation as a celebration.

Envisioning “Small team, more presence” formula

Our inspiring leader, Ar.Sidharth Ninan values every team member and their strength as a team, which makes him confidently quote “Everybody here is creative”. Everyone from the architects till the carpenters are encompassed in his idea of the “team”, where he ensures that even in collaborations or joint ventures, his team members establish their presence and take forward “their style” – The SNA style. Believing in his team’s abilities, he confidently shares his vision of expanding pan India, not with a stereotypical huge office dream, but with a similarly-sized efficient team. With offices in Bangalore and Chennai in the current, he envisions SNA at Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad among others.

Along with the expansion, he has stepped to strengthen the digital front of SNA with an e-commerce site planned to “let the client get some cool furniture pieces for their spaces”, as he calls it. With such a strong vision oriented towards every next need of the client, our inspiring leader is all set to redefine the design world.