Mon, September 7, 2020

“Healthcare Must Be An Empathetic Industry” –Mr. Vijayanarayanan

With COVID-19, the industry scenario has gone haywire. In the midst of the combat of multiple sectors in the pandemic-hit 2020 world, healthcare sector is expected to be the knight in shining armour. Mr. Vijayanarayanan, Chairman of RKB Multispeciality Hospital, who is a more-than-a-decade-long expert in the sector, takes us through the in-and-out of the industry, ultimately shedding light on the COVID-19 scenario, with his extreme simplicity in conversation and exceptional knowledge in the field, leaving us awestruck with his admirable leadership attitude.

“I have a very simple creed in life−walk the talk. That’s it.”

Mr. Vijayanarayanan, Chairman, RKB Multispeciality Hospital

The leader has a very unique way of projecting his insights with concise notes, explored across the interview you’re about to read.

Before that, know our leader’s personality.

LEADER PERSONA – Mr. Vijayanarayanan, Chairman, RKB Multispeciality Hospital

Philosophy: “Walk the talk”

Interests: Modern healthcare, Social causes, Economic concerns

Business Role Model: Ratan Tata

Favourite book: “The Secret” by Rhonda Bryne

A Word of Advice: Patience

Insightful thoughts: “In life, everything is binary. It’s either a zero or a one−it’s a win or lose situation.”



Our leader, with his upfront confidence, tells us that he is a generalist−a generalist who manages any kind of situation vis-a-vis any vertical. His particular niche in management has benefited from his eye for talent identification and procurement. With leadership qualities designed for the modern age’s healthcare sector, he stands as the face of the organisation with admirable philosophies. He believes in the mix of simplicity and dynamism much evident in his mantra−

“Your thoughts make you”

Mr. Vijayanarayanan, Chairman, RKB Multispeciality Hospital

Mr. Vijayanarayanan’s affinity towards the socially-significant industry of healthcare has been instilled through the prominent role models in his life−his grandfather and mother, who have had a special focus on charity and the concept of giving back to the society. He also shares that they had a workaholic attitude and sense of ownership in common, which drove the interest of our leader from a very young age.



Being the notable chairman of the healthcare institution that extends from ‘Tier 1’ till ‘Tier 2’ cities, Mr. Vijayanarayanan has a societal understanding unlike any other. He reveals that the true challenge lies in bringing the people from diverse backgrounds, together. He also shares that his employees are specially trained and motivated to be a part of a universal workplace where everything from the simplest ‘punctuality’ to the intricate ‘sense of ownership’ is brought in.

“Our endeavour is to create future leaders. We want our organization to be driven by leaders”

Mr. Vijayanarayanan, Chairman, RKB Multispeciality Hospital

In a sensitive note, our leader also shares that his organisation welcomes the first generation graduates who are curious to grow and ready to dedicate their work hours towards achieving the organisation’s milestones. He believes in bringing out the leadership qualities in them and streamlining their attitude + aptitude, thereby helping them grow. He also believes that this attention lets his employees grow a sense of belonging in the work environment. His thoughts are much in line with the quote “hardwork has its reward”, that makes him stress that the dream of “low work, high package” in the early stages of career can be a roadblock on the route to success.

“Productivity = Employability is a healthy organization pattern,” he states.



Mr. Vijayanarayanan has one solution to all patient needs−honesty. In the digital age where healthcare sector is sprawled by unauthorised professionals, self-proclaimed experts and unethical practices, he strives to keep the organisation free from production and sales-oriented missions.

“Healthcare is not a money-churning industry. It is more of an empathetic industry where money is just the by-product, not the main product”

Mr. Vijayanarayanan, Chairman, RKB Multispeciality Hospital

Amidst being the torchbearer of the best healthcare practices in the country, our leader also promotes practice-based exploration. His hospital has begun the process of setting up a new startup centre that is all set to explore the ways in which their current allopathic practices can coexist with ayurvedic medical interventions.

Naturally, Mr. Vijayanarayanan is seen as a person who takes pleasure in networking, knowledge-sharing and spending time with like-minded people that makes him constantly evolve his organisation’s next move.



Heading a notable organization, our leader has had his ways through the business world and intends to share the same to the aspiring entrepreneurs. He unfolds the mystery in success with a thought that “leaders are born out of their environment”the environment that aggregates the people around.

“To be a leader, you have to know your environment, read your environment, understand your environment”

Mr. Vijayanarayanan, Chairman, RKB Multispeciality Hospital

He has a strong belief that when a leader’s thoughts are synonymous with that of the network, success will find it’s way. Bringing a note of passion in this statement, he adds−

“If you love what you do, you’ll do what you love.”

Mr. Vijayanarayanan, Chairman, RKB Multispeciality Hospital

Parallel to this route to success, is it said by him that the entrepreneurs need ‘patience’ more than anything. When they learn to wait, they are believed be ready when success hits.



Despite the prominent position in the COVID-resilient healthcare industry, our leader, Mr. Vijayanarayanan trusts the facts−that alone. He admits that pandemic is seemingly bound to stay. In such a case, he emphasises the value of sustenance in not just a mass scale but at an individual level. Bringing in his understanding of the human sentiments, he adds that “it’s all about being there for ourselves, our family, our co-workers and our immediate circle.”

In a resilience-based perspective he believes that the pandemic is keeping a reality check on this consumption-based economy that we men have been exploiting for decades together.

“The whole world’s economic engine was collapsing in the recent times. Covid-19 is just correcting the collapse”

Mr. Vijayanarayanan, Chairman, RKB Multispeciality Hospital

Putting the facts together he brings a comparison between the past and present of businessesthe past when bottom-line oriented business thrived with a strong permanency and evident reserves in surplus, whereas the present is running towards a short-term growth-oriented trajectory. He also puts forth the fact that 90% of today’s companies have inorganic growth where there is little control and wastage is left unnoticed.

“Most starterpreneurs think that everything acts in a jiffywhich is wrong. It is ‘patience’ that secures one’s future, be it business or life”

Mr. Vijayanarayanan, Chairman, RKB Multispeciality Hospital

In these times when there is a strong debate between resuming the business and acclimatizing oneself to the economic standstill, the leader’s advice on ‘patience’ and ‘resilience’ is quintessential.

“Every situation is either a ‘fission’ or a ‘fusion’. You either break loose within seconds or assimilate together over time,” he concludes.

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