Wed, January 29, 2020

Leadership is the advancement of Workmanship–Mr. Moses.K

If the major expansion of the renowned Allison Transmission has had a successful establishment on Indian land, the success drive is directed straight towards its exceptional leader, the man of success, Mr. Moses.K. He has taken successful leadership to the next level with his highly inspirational approach, astonishingly unique ideas, brought together by his humbleness and poise, which truly makes him an inspiring leader, whose insights could sow the seeds of value in the emerging entrepreneurial world.

1. More than a Managing Director, an inspirational leader.

Mr. Moses.K is known to the world both as the M.D. of Allison Transmission facility at Chennai, and an inspiring leader, which makes him outpace the humungous competitor crowd with nothing but success at every step. His vivid vision and progressive passion has taken him ahead, to win not just the market, but the hearts of the people in his organization, who he constantly enriches for betterment in the work environment and its functioning.
Our inspiring leader’s peculiar leadership quality coupled with the companionship with the team across the high and low, is what makes him more than an MD, an inspiring leader.

2. Leadership Mantra: Involve, Consult, Enable and Coach

“A leader has to involve, consult, enable and coach people, instead of Decide, Direct and Control.” Our inspiring leader broke the conventional managerial stereotypes with his spellbinding leadership mantra that is capable of changing the perception “of” the leader along with the perception “on” the leader. He goes beyond “leading” the team with his unparalleled involvement with the team, where he consults the multiple department chains and enables them to be successful, ultimately coaching the team to go sky-high to attain more success along the way.

3. The push of success: Timeless passion

When passion becomes timeless, the boundaries are pushed making the leader reign the territory of success. Our inspiring leader has set new standards to passion by making it the key interconnection factor between self-initiation, perseverance and execution –The 3 success drives.
With his un-tiring self initiatives amplified by perseverance, success is ultimately brought into reality with the power of execution. He also re-proves his revolutionary thoughts with a statement saying that passion is behind every human being, be it a professional, learner, student or any other. This powerful statement crowns his priceless vision making him a true inspiration for every ‘human being’ who would someday want to become an ‘inspiring leader’.

4. Challenge the challenges: Be a honey bee

Our inspiring leader proves his universal thinking yet again with a statement reflecting his zero-hierarchy attitude – “Every human being has challenges – across life, across business, across everything. Be it a school student or a professional or any other.” This is further accentuated by his supportive illustration of the life of a honeybee.
When a honey bee is in search of nectar, it crosses the trash cans in the front yard to reach the nectar-filled flowers at the backyard. Similarly, when it comes to challenges, a person will just have to be a honey bee, face it and challenge every hindrance on the way, to finally reach the nectar of success.
Our inspirational leader, Mr. Moses.K, has always gone beyond inspiring, with his surprising insights that are as wide as his establishment in the business world. Amidst being in a superlative level of leadership, he constantly reflects his humble nature with references to the simplest happenings in nature and life, at every pause of the inspirational talk.

Mr. Moses outpaces all the regular bosses with his unique vision.