Tue, May 26, 2020

Living the motto Anything Is Possible Mr. Sampath

Mr.Sampath, a prominent industrial icon, most renounced across South India, is an Industrialist with one of the most inspiring story of success. Having begun his career path as a technical assistant, he is now the widely celebrated Director of MOA Engineering Pvt. Ltd., the company whose growth is as inspiring as his own. With a limitless vision and strong perseverance in taking forward the same, our inspiring leader has brought a high degree of motivation to every aspiring entrepreneur in not just the field of Mechanical or Automobile industry, but beyond.

He decodes his success mantra with the simplest of words:

“If someone can do it, why not me”

It is no wonder that such a curious vision has made him a man of inspiration for all.


Transcending From Technical Assistant To Director Of A Company

Our inspiring leader Mr. Sampath embarked his professional path with a Diploma degree in Mechanical and Automobile Engineering that took him further to a modest start as a Technical Assistant in a textile company at Coimbatore during the mid ‘90s. He found his journey take him along a textile-based engineering field where he aced the industrial skill-set. Given a decade of experience as a group engineer with a keen vision engineered for nothing but success, he progressed as an assistant maintenance manager. His patience and tenacity was able to transform the snail-paced early years to a glorifying period of success of the current time.


Making The Best Use Of Conventional Systems

With an incessant vision towards success, our inspiring leader took up an entrepreneurial opportunity in 2004 that became a turning part in his career. He went ahead to collaborate with his friend on a labour-oriented textile based industrial company in Coimbatore, where he was able to turn the forthcomings of the projects into fruitful outcomes. Owing to his decades of expertise in the diverse Mechanical-Electrical fields, his contribution to the project guidance was an immense success. Having made the attempt in the 2000s when conventional systems dominated the way of approach, he was able to make a change with the implementation of tools that proved efficient.

“My dual knowledge in Mechanical-Electrical streams was the very base of the new technological tools introduced by me.”

Such a futuristic effort is what makes the secret of success of our inspiring leader.


Sailing Through The Sea Of Success

Success is a word with almost 1845 synonyms in English Dictionary. But an inspiring leader’s definition is rather simpler. Our leader Mr. Sampath gives a metaphorical insight that depicts success as the sea in which we are all the sailing. He adds that as sailors, we must know that the impact of wind is high and going against its direction will only make the task harder. But, what is success without a little risk?

Our leader goes by the belief “Anything is possible” and takes his direction along the sail. He stresses that he doesn’t fix the goal destination, but explores the direction, facing all the natural interventions that come by – it could be people, thoughts or even the conventional processes.

“Choosing whether you go by the direction of the wind, or against it, marks the turning point”, he adds.

Credibility Vs. Belief

Comprehending The Multiple Opinions On Success

As a person who has had a diverse experience, with more diverse groups of people in the circle, our inspiring leader has always had his ears open to multiple opinions.

Listen to everything. But, do only the right thing”, he suggests.

With a practical thought towards every step in the career, he has consistently worked his way with decisions. His belief has always been drawn from the rational evaluation of every ‘plus and minus’ that might be brought by multiple opinions. He highlights that “If we move out of practicality, all there will be left is struggle”.

Further emphasizing on practicality’s win over the struggle, he adds:

“The person who says it must be a person who does it”

Going by the classic quote “To err is human”, he puts forth his rational view by stating that anyone can be wrong, which is why it is important to prove the ‘action’ before proving the ‘word’, according to him. Thus, his vision rightfully stages the “Practitioner” over the “Orator”.

Unlike any other, our inspiring leader Mr. Sampath is a person with a combination of both Practice and Oration, which has made his journey, a peculiar and realistic inspiration for every entrepreneur. Take a closer look at his professional journey in our upcoming article – A special collective of his diversified career phases.

Stay tuned.