Mon, April 20, 2020

Qualities Of An Inspiring Leader

Studies define leadership as a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others, in accomplishment of a common task. The person who personifies this support is referred to as a “leader”, a title of high regard and respect. When the person goes beyond the support, with qualities that inspire the world and help others grow along with them, he or she becomes an “inspiring leader”.

Inspiring leaders stand out from the leading names in the industry with not just the unique accomplishment, but the successful process in the attainment of goals, often involving both the company’s and team’s goals. This comprehensive goal attainment restructures the stereotypical road to success, making it a “story of inspiration”.

But who is the inspiring leader behind the unique success stories?

They are those who come with multiple qualitative reincarnations:


The one who the entire group can rely upon

An inspiring leader’s top quality is the representative quality. He or she represents the entire team at every instance, building the strength and trust of the team members. They are typically the ones who the team can rely upon for every plan of action, with zero insecurity and 100% positivity. Their unshaken confidence in such a group representation makes them stand out.

What they are not:

  • Amidst such all-in-one qualities, inspiring leaders do not take the credit by themselves. Instead, they share it with the team and nurture the growth.
  • Inspiring leaders are rarely Authoritarian. They do not establish authority unless it is focused towards universal betterment.


The one who is ahead of milestones

An inspiring leader will be prompt with schedules to ensure the smooth functioning of the work environment. He or she saves the team from deadlines with timely reminders and timeless motivation, bringing a great deal of productivity at work. Their impeccable planning skills demarcate the phases of work where a milestone breakup is done with respect to both time and work. Tasks are simplified to become attainable whenever they lead.

What they are not:

  • Amidst the strict conformity to schedule, they don’t create anxiety among the team members.
  • They never entertain an 11th hour rush.


 The one who counsels the team members

It is evident that every task comes with a challenge, a challenge for both the work and the workforce. At such instances, an inspiring leader takes charge and helps in solving the problems of not just the work, but also the people. These leaders are ones people can approach to and get a good counseling, ultimately resulting in a positive attitude across the work environment. This minimizes the chances of “free riding” in the employees – An effect that could be a result of loss of interest in work due to its uncertainty. This reassures the track of work by bringing the people together for mutual betterment.

What they are not:                                                                                                                    

  • Inspiring leaders do not let the workforce lose the work-life balance.


The one who promotes the growth of employees

Inspiring leaders are surprisingly the well-wishing bosses who care about their employees. They understand that the company’s growth and employees’ growth are equal. He or she promotes the individual growth of the employees and enhances their self-efficacy, bringing an overall progress in a work environment. They seem to practice a “Laissez faire” approach where the power is given to the team members, who take up the chance to learn and progress both at an individual and organizational level. They are completely unbiased and are always open to new ideas from the work group.

What they are not:

  • Inspiring leaders believe that hierarchy does not intervene innovation and idea generation.
  • They are highly enthusiastic about introducing new activities, workshops etc. that enrich the team’s ability and proficiency.


The one who guides the team

An inspiring leader is a mentor who is ready to guide the team in the right direction. They are natural pathfinders who seek the best path forward for the workplace’s overall development. Even if the goal attainment doesn’t meet a complete success, they ensure a positive outlook, with a promise of the probability of success in the future. They are the primary drive behind the Hemmingway effect – A psychological effect in which failing a task can have a positive effect on motivation. Inspiring leaders are the symbol of motivation.

What they are not:

  • Inspire leaders inspire and do not solve. They show the direction for the workforce and motivate them to experiment and learn in their own way.

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